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Custom Flags

All Flag & Flagpoles Inc. can reproduce any design you need including corporate logos, trademarks, organizational emblems or your custom design.

Designs can either be appliquéd (sewn), screen-printed or digitally printed.

Please contact us directly at for your custom quote.

Computer Generated Artwork Specifications
The following formats are acceptable for submitting artwork:

PC Vector
Formats such as:

.eps .cdr (Corel Draw)
.ai (Adobe Illustrator)
.fs (Flexisign)
.scv (Casmate)


Flags are usually rectangular in shape with canvas heading and brass grommets on the hoist. The fly hem is reinforced with a four-needle hem. They are usually horizontal, however, they can be made vertically for a special effect. Common sizes are 2X3', 3X5', 4X6', 5X8', 6X10', 8X12'. We can advise recommended sizes if you tell us the height of your flagpole. A custom flag flown below the United States flag is often the same size or one or two sizes smaller than the U.S. We can make any shape or size you want.

Pennants are three-pointed flags usually finished with grommets on the hoist.

Burgees are similar to Pennants but they narrow into two points and "V" back toward the hoist. Often called a swallowtail and usually finished with heading and grommets.

are similar to a Flag shape in that they stay square to the fly end, they come to two points and "V" back toward the hoist. Often associated with military flags.

Banners are usually rectangular in shape and finished with grommets or a pole pocket across the top. " They can be made horizontally or vertically, double or single sided. Usually seen at tradeshows or special events, hanging against a wall or suspended from a ceiling, attached to a light post or hung from post to post or across a street. Often used as promotional items.

Decorative Banners are usually displayed vertically and are rectangular in shape. The top is finished with a pole pocket that attaches to a decorator-type flagpole that extends from the front of a building at a 45 or 90 angle. Common sizes are 26X42", 34X44", 32X52", 34X50" or 36X54". Lettering on a decorative banner can be made single thickness with a reverse back or double thickness to read correctly on both sides.

Table Covers drape over a table and down the back. The design is typically done on the front section of the table drape (Usually 2 1/2' X 6' or 8').

Appliqued flags, banners and table covers are typically made of nylon. The design is duplicated by hand sewing fabric to fabric. This is usually a preferred method of manufacture when one or two pieces are needed. This technique is elegant and makes a rich appearance which is most appreciated when the product or display is seen up close. This quality is commonly used at tradeshows or on indoor flag sets. The price depends on the style and number of letters and also on the complexity of the design. Color choices are found in our Fabrics section.

Silk-screen printed flags, banners and table covers are either acid dyed or surface printed with or without penetration to the backside. This method is often recommended when quantities of six or more pieces are required. The unit cost is frequently more cost effective than applique. The price depends on the number of colors. We can usually match Pantone colors (PMS) very closely.

• Acid-dyed flags are printed on white fabric therefore white is not considered a color.
• Surface-printed flags and banners are effective when the design needs to be on one side only. Light-colored backgrounds can often be penetrated with the inks to get the reverse image on the backside.

Sublimation and digital prints are often used with photo images.

Double-sided banners and flags read correctly on both sides.

Single-sided banners and flags read correctly on one side. Single thickness, reverse back bleeds through the fabric. The backside appears as a mirror image.

We do not recommend double-sided FLAGS. It makes the flag heavy and does not fly well. We recommend single thickness with a reverse back.